Terms and Conditions


All mobile repairs are subject to a £15 deposit (or £20 in the case of iPhones or water damaged phones) which is paid in advance. £10 of this is a non refundable service charge to cover any collection/delivery, dismantling & assessment costs*. The remaining £5 of your deposit is refundable if your mobile phone can not be fixed.

  • *£20.50 deposit for all mobile phones that are posted to us for a repair or assessment, the extra £5 covers return postage within the UK of your mobile.


Any quote given is only an estimate of the cost to repair your phone or mobile device. This is calculated on the information we have been given. The cost of the repair may vary depending on any other faults that are found and the varying price of parts that maybe required.


Any device sent via post to us must be sent via first class special delivery. You must include the IME number and full contact details with the device. You are responsible for ensuring that your phone/device has been packaged carefully and securely, we do not take responsibility for any damage or loss caused by poor packaging by you or the postal/courier company you use.


The cost of repair minus any deposit paid is required in full before the collection/delivery of your phone/mobile device.

Payments accepted are cash, paypal or credit/debit card only.

Non collected phones/devices:

In accordance with The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 you will be contacted about any uncollected goods, any payment still required and where they are held. If after three months of the date of the second attempt to contact you, any moneys due have not been paid & the item/s have not been collected the item/s will be either sold to cover any payment due or scraped.

Warrenties & disclaimers:

Personal Data:

FastFix accept no responsibility for any loss of your personal data saved on your phone.


Where possible we use original parts, but where this is not possible we source high quality non OEM parts. By accepting us to continue with the repair/replacement you accept the parts which have been used.

Parts warrantee:

We give a 30 day warrantee on screen replacements & other hardware repairs. This does not cover any physical damage such as cracks, signs of misuse or water damage.

Unknown issues:

Although we will fix where possible the issues that have been found with your device. We can not guarantee that your phone will work as well as it did previously to the issue that has been rectified, as we can not always assess there is any other issues have been caused.


We cannot account for unforeseen delays and in some cases, repairs will take longer, but we will try where possible to contact you if it will be a long delay.


We will be happy to issue you a refund if the replacement fails within the 30 day warrantee period and the proof of receipt can be produced. You will be required to return the faulty part to us (which could render your device unusable depending on the part), but we will try our hardest to rectify the issue.

Stolen phones/devices:

Any phone or device that is found to be reported as stolen, will be reported to the police and handed over with the contact details supplied by the person who sent in the phone/device for repair or sale.

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Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our clients/visitors seriously and only use any information given to us to contact you for the purpose of repair or buying/selling. We do not store any of your login passwords or account information, nor do we pass on your details to third parties for marketing purposes etc. The only time we will pass on any details is in the case of a device found to be reported as stolen, then it will be passed on the the relevant authorities.

By using our online shop you are required to enter sensitive personal data such as: name, contact details, and payment. All this data it done securely and only used for the purpose of the transaction through the shop.

If you have any questions please contact us.